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For our kids

We were looking for ways our children could learn about service and loving others in a child friendly environment. Naturally that led us to Disney. For the kids to visit the parks and resorts looking to serve, rather than be served has helped to turn them into rather remarkable human beings. 

Always Smiling

The service industry doesn't allow for people to have a bad day or a real life. We often find that encouraging someone, having a conversation or finding a way to connect outside the park is where we experience more of the life we're interested in.

About The Flemings

We’re a Disney family. For more than 10 years our family has enjoyed the Disney Parks on both coasts and even the DCL between continents a few times. Disney Cast Members have been so good to us that we felt compelled to give back. We spend our free time looking for ways to brighten the days of these magical employees. In 2014 we decided to commute back and forth from Washington state getting to know some of the 70,000 employees of Disney. After just about two years we're making the official move to Florida to spend more time with cast members. 

Far from home

As we spend time with Cast Members, a common theme of being far from home is often echoed. We definitely get that! So part of what we do is invite CM's and their friends over for a home cooked meal. We get to be extended family to those who are missing their own people.

Love WinS

We found that our lives are great when we tried to think less of ourselves and think more of others. For our family we keep it simple: Love God, Love Others. Everything else seems to fall in place just fine.

Who do you want us to suprise?

Tell us who they are and where they work in WDW or Universal. We'll find them and have some fun!

encouraging New Friends and saying thanks for all you do